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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 1, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ what's happening with heather locklear. in the hospital again, this time after a possible overdose less than 24 hours after she was behind bars. is this her rock bottom? we look back at her roller coaster career. >> i -- >> then, reside rose an's recredit. >> i've made myself a hate magnet? plus, inside of ""game of thrones." and is meghan markle --
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>> i did 20,000 sit ups in one session. >> we're setting new machine that's achieving big results. and s her's return. heather locklear in crisis after a possible overdose, it is the latest incident in a downward spiral that appears to be out of control. >> it's sad, especially whether you consider the timing of this incident. locklear had only been out of jail for a few hours before emergency vehicles had to rush to her home once again. that emergency dispatch call alerting to an overdose at locklear's home that was placed around 3:00 p.m., yesterday. one they arrived they determined the situation to be a quote, medical issue. heather was transported to the
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hospital. >> do you care to comment on whatever happened last night?ct. the day we -- 56-year-old leaving jail just after 9:00 a.m. dressed in pajamas. heather was arrested sat night for two counts of battery. she was -- who were investigating a domestic suburbans at her home. asource called "e.t." heather was supposed to check into rehab before this occurred. "e.t." learned it was her brother who placed the 911 call at the time. >> how are you going to keep yourself level headed? >> have my brother live with me d someone else's that's my business, i get out of line. >> that was the 20 yearly heather in our interview from
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1992. >> do you avoid drinking alcohol? >> i drink one once in a while when i'm celebrating. >> she became a name on her economic drama series. roles in tv series like "melrose police" and "sin city" would follow. quote, her family has been at their wits end because they can't force her to get the help she needs. if she follows through her rehab it will be her seventh time. our source adds she agreed to go into treatment on monday but instead she weapon back home and began drinking and taking pills again. a source also telling us suffering frother's quote, downward spiral.
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>> obviously everybody praying she takes the step and get it is he she needs. >> the court hearing for her hearing earlier this week pushed back to november 23rd. >> roseanne barr lost everything after her tweet. it's clear, her emotions were raw. >> i definitely feel remorse. i've made myself a hate magnet. of course i am not a racist, i'm an idiot. >> the emotional phone interview between roseanne and her friend lasted nearly 40 minutes. the disgraced comic alternated to defend her racist tweet, which is indefensible. >> i can't defend it, i don't want to defend it. >> blaming it on her own ignorance. >> i thought she was white, i did not know she was a black woman. but i'm not stupid for god's sake.
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i never would have willingly called any black person -- say they are a monkey, i just wouldn't do that. >> while the or not series, issues like race was -- >> hey, black people are just like us, they're ever bit as good as us and anybody who doesn't think so is a banjo picking, cousin i dating barefoot -- >> abc was just not willing to accept her apology. the connors will go on without her on abc. >> i'm so excited, thank you all so much. >> what did it finally take for the show to go on without you? >> meanwhile, back in utah roseanne was silent while stepping out shopping with her long-time boyfriend. >> are you happy the crew and cast will get back to work?
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>> does it look like she wants to answer question. >> 200 plus people are going to have a job next season. new drama for the royals newlywed. >> the duke and duchess join the queen earlier this week. >> duchess meghan sat in the front row as -- meghan wore her hair down dawning a pink distress with a double row of buttons. >> i together with my wife, meghan, look forward to hearing your ideas. >> behind the public smile there's more family drama brewing. her father says he's getting the cold shoulder since he did that britain." >> harry asked -- promise me you'll never raise your hand against my daughter, and of course i give you my permission.
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>> in fathe meantime, we're takg a look inside meghan's wardrobe. whose paying for it? >> it does fall, now that she is married into the royal family to cover the cost of her working royal wardrobe. >> the cost of her wedding dress was over $450,000, the reception outfit is over 100,000. >> both wedding dresses i believe were also picked up by the palace. >> prince harry has been footing the bill, is the cost worth it? >> is now an ambassador to the royal family. look at the publicity she runnu wedding. i believe it was every penny. >> sometimes it cost a little more to look that good.
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meghan and harry are gearing up for a visit to ireland next month for their first official trip as a married couple. it was near by scottland that we witnessed a huge ""game of thrones" -- also served as one big west reunion. there were bad pipes and showers of flower petals celebrating the union. the 31-year-old bride wore a 20,000 gown from buy dal. the broom was ducked out in coat and tail during ceremony. which "game of throne" cast made the guest list? peter was there, along with k kid's tv brother.
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but the style stand out, sofi turner in a head turning bright wed minidress with over the knee luis va ton boots. kendricks summed up the reaction saying, when your friends have a traditional wedding but your fashion as hell and not going to hide it. they were seen walking hand and hand -- >> i am not a fashion necessary that. but i'm saying we're talking about sofi not the bride. the red with the boots. >> stole the thunder a little bit. geared up for her idea, kerry clark, celebrated with a -- with a brittany spares dance off, got it going. >> my favorite. coming up --
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front ofla sheldon. >> when a cowgirl's talking -- >> what did he think of the custom? >> he's a little more zesty, so, i don't know i was trying to ask him. he had to come and leave during the blinds today. >> the blinds -- >> no blind audition. >> blake drew has cute 4-year-old apollo on his lap. front and center sporting his holler back girl. backstage, this was the scene like also surprised gwen would be. >> oh, my god. the moment of it for me your lucky in love and all falling apart. >> there's lucky in love and then there's unlucky in love.
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>> what was that moment and how did you move on from that? >> i feel like everyone knows what that moment was. that moment happen to me a lot through my love life and everybody knows what my love life is because it's -- >> sold out crowds witnessing gwen sing live for two hours as she debuted her "just a girl" show in hollywood. two changes and two wardrobe mal funks. >> you have a favorite cost stomach, you come down the stairs thumping in the boots. >> it's always like, i want more diamonds. it's like play to pay let's go. >> i want to tell you another great reason to see gwen's show. $1 of every ticket purchase will be donated to cure for the cure
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foundation for children facing a number of life threatening conditions. way to go gwen. more to come here. michael dust last. >> what has the "hitman" stars getting rowled up behind the scene. >> my name is -- >> i love it. >> what your name? >> sterling kate brown. i wrote that song with two fathers. ♪ >> if our daughters ever get into that situation in life, i.e. the drunk girl situation, we'd hope a young man out there would do right in those moments. and 32-year-old was recently inducted as the youngest member by garth brooks.
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thankfully you don't have to wait too long for the next -- and how on "e.t." he is still geeking out. not because he's ant man but because his costars are hollywood legends. >> let's go. >> michael douglas and michel fifer, has -- >> i confirm he's not pretending. when he come up it's -- and you're like dig for great hollywood stories. did you notice -- >> i was wondering why he was
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always hanging around. like dude, don't you got sm who to be? aren't you the ant man. >> follow my lead. >> hold on. you gave her wings and blasters? >> evangeline lilly plays the daughter. >> one of the worst things they gave me a really flat butt, and i don't have a plat butt. if i had one fine, i don't. the economic book was very focused on the curves, i'm no barbie in the economic book. i'm just not. i have small breast, no hips, i'm more athletic. i wanted it to be sexy and beautiful but i wanted to feel realistic and real. >> i'm in. >> cool points for being part of
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this franchise. >> my son dylan came to me, he was probably 15 at the time. he said, dad. i said yes. this is really employed for your career. this is going to introduce you to a younger audience. he said you should think about doing a sequel. >> son dylan got his wish. at the age of 73, dad turned super hero in the movie. >> you do some fighting in one. >> most important i finally got to wear the suit. >> did catherine day to think, look at my -- >> no, she just tries to keep a straight face. this is some of your finest acting. >> you go low, i go high. >> i have wins, why would i go low? >> but the suit cause discomfort for paul rud. >> the most part, it's so thick, if i have an inch it's like wearing a body cast and i can't
7:21 pm
get to it. i have to ask people to punch me to try and get it. so, any given time you might look over and see some -- >> michael douglas punching you. >> michael douglas, a grip, anybody close by, you have to punch me hard. >> so when the rumors starting about you guys having an argument, it's not true. she seems more intense. ♪ >> i got a little -- >> okay. >> i thought you were going to scratch it. >> no no -- >> this is not a -- "hitman" is in theaters. meanwhile shaq is gearing up. >> when you watch this movie,
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you'll find out that shaq will stop at nothing, i mean nothing for a laugh. ♪ >> how was the makeup every day, shack? >> it took four hours, i had to get up at 7:00. >> i've seen you in a lot of locker rooms, you love to be a practical joker. how did they react whether you decided to bare all on set? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> release the footage if you got it. >> yeah, we're not going to show the goods, shaq. come on we're a family show. family's what it's about at the premiere of "u come rew >> of course i'm paying for it
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myself. josh has baby number three on the way. >> we're looking forward. >> dad was all smiles. at the premiere with his wife catherine at the movie "sick roe." . >> the kid has a great jewish mother, she's into it, calls, follows up, all this stuff. amazing. >> as for the movie. josh plays a double agent. >> you want to see this thing through? i'm going to have to get dirty. >> teams up with we niece ya dell to toro. >> good luck. and still on the way -- ♪ >> our sher exclusive. return.the sne with her big plus chrissy keeps it real
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what does life look like during your period? it's up to you, with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go. if you are just joining us, here this week's top stories. number five, heather look leer hospitalized. the plan is to head back to rehab in the wake of an expected overdose which left her in the hospital monday. it occurred hours after the "daily mail" post of leaving jail. if heather follows through it will reportedly be her seventh time in rehab. number four, jrosa ann breas
7:28 pm
her silence. >> i'm not a racist, i'm an idiot. >> the former phone interview between her friend and her took place. >> i can't defend it, i don't want to defend it. >> ultimately, abc did not accept her apology as we now know, the connors will go on without her this fall on abc. number three, brad pitt putting his love life on hold. quote, he is taking a step away from dating. that's what a source telling us about brad who just popped up on instagram. a first look of the duo paying struggling actors. the reason the 54-year-old chosen the single life. brad wants to focus on being a good father. now that his custody agreement allows him more alone time with the kids. another reason, he wants to
7:29 pm
quote, mend fens with angelina. number two, gwen stephanie residencesy opening tonight's love fest. >> you strip down in your cowgirls' outfit and say this is a fancy because you get to do it in front of blake sheldon. >> you know what it's like to be when a crow gicowgirl's talking? >> what did he think of cost stomach, was it his fantasy? >> he's more zesty so i don't know. >> he's doing the blinds? >> the blinds audition. >> oh, i thought he was at home setting up blinds. >> oh, yeah he's a family man and he could do that. >> blake who had cute 4-year-old apollo on his lap inside planet
7:30 pm
hollywood sat front and center supporting his holler back girl. number one, joe jackson passes away at 89 years old after being hospitalized with terminal cancer. we're going to look at how joe created the jackson five. ♪ whitney houston broke many music world records before any female in her history. >> incredibly devastating loss. a new documentary delves into whitney's try yuiumphs includin people who knew her most. >> everyone that has a life has a story, hearse was magnificent. full of triumphs, tragedies k laughter and tears. >> the documentary is completely
7:31 pm
authorized by her family. >> everybody stated they loved her so much but nobody never really got her into rehab. >> why? >> whitney herself. it's not that they didn't try, because they did have interventions. i think at one point when they were almost getting her there, she turned to her father and dad said, she doesn't have to go. >> people think it's so easy, and it's not. ♪ >> the film is loaded with never-before-seen home movies of whitney. the documentary also shows footage of robin crkraufrt, whitney's assistant. >> her love life is hers, whitney said in a documentary that she wasn't gay. it's her music that's so
7:32 pm
important. that's one of the main reasons while doing this film to put things to rest so we can celebrate her. ♪ >> no matter how much time passes i still am interested in whitney's life. toipt know more. >> she's singing, whitney off camera. let's get down to miami. >> whitney comes to theaters, next weekend. moving on to sher's big screen come back. 72 years young, sher still knows how to make an entrance. >> i come in in an helicopter, then i land and i come walking up with cane, i'm different. let's get the party started. >> looking amazing, sher does a sultry dance with andy garcia in our exclusive sneak peek. it's her relationship with merrill streep that surprises us
7:33 pm
the most. >> my old friend playing my mother of course. it was so much fun to see her, she was devine. >> for the record, sher's 3 years older than merrill. listen to her cover of this 1976 hit. ♪ >> i used to hear it, it's so fabulous. the lyrics totally grab me. it's things i felt a million times. it was easy to sing. >> the secret to the 2008 miscall turns back time to tell a story of sher's past. even these a-listers were star struck. >> the talent of the lady acting and singing and being sher. >> she is one of the greatest pop singers in the history. >> too kind. >> it was just amazing. ♪
7:34 pm
>> i -- >> listen, i went to a sing along. >> can i go with you please? >> it is a date. let's move on to a different movie. olympia is about to show someone of a certain alien she's going -- i was exclusively on set. >> among these cool people. >> i love it. >> came, explain. oh sked. >> what sterling mean? >> sterling kchl brown. >> oh monomoney is kicking b
7:35 pm
butts, and taking name. sterling is an government agent taking down the creatures from out of space. >> do you know my job? i catch what falls out of the sky. >> what the hell are you? >> this time, seems olivia the one those alien haves to watch out for. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a bad ass is she? >> 11. >> there's a lot of tests to robe on this set. how are you handling all these fellas and their moodiness? >> they're hungry, codified. >> do you all believe in aliens? >> i do. >> you do. >> i think it's silly to think that we are the only life in the universe. >> i think you know what is on the ship.
7:36 pm
the ultimate predator. >> i've been wondering when you landed here. >> he's a freak of nature. i think he is an alien. >> is there a reason i'm taking that as a excellent? >> it is weird but that's why we love you. theaters september 4th. kristy in a role where she's animated than usual. she's lending her voice to "tra "transylvania 3". >> i always thought i had a an may animated voice. i'm horrible at memorizing lines. it's great to read them. >> she made her debut out of -- sile selena returns as his daughter. i caught up with them and found
7:37 pm
out these two act more like siblings. >> oh my gosh, this is much fun. >> how do you like the stress free? >> one thing about selena, she loves to do yoga. >> he would be at home, his wife making a meal, watching "lord of the ring" cozy. >> i didn't know we were trying to win. >> you won. >> a summer vacation better than ever. it -- threatens the monster's very exist stance. >> i am captain erica, don't hold that against me. >> what we don't know is erica is erica van helzing. >> surprise. >> for christy social securitit.
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>> i can't wait. coming up, want summer abs lij lo, j lo and brittany without the work? plus, star summer slim down
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miss chloe kardashian is a mama on a mission. that mission is to get her body back of the baby. she's one of the hollywood mom's getting fit. >> i've been craving these work outs. so, they're really good. >> it's an amazing real thing, because it's still under there. got to get rid of. we're working on it. >> chloe doing maeal replacemen shakes and working her b ut t off doing resistance bands in her gym. fellow new mom, anna went from this to this 22 weeks after having twins. she's spending lots of time working out. so is kim, whose using her baby as ight. she also told us sheort garment
7:42 pm
the hospital. ♪ >> how did kelly clarkson drop 37 pounds? clean eating. she had a thyroid issue, but credited a book for getting her back on track. >> typical breakfast, lunch, dinner? >> it's the same thing, i just keep cleaner ingredients. even fried chicken, i use non- -- i'm going to be real with you, it's really expensive. but i'm 37 pounds lighter. >> hello. >> i mean, that is really great. let's not forget mis-mariah carey, she lost 50 pounds. >> congrats.
7:43 pm
michelle, we know moms, they work out hard to look so good. >> halle fitness friday is everything for me. look at their abs of steel, if you're not a fan of doing crunches, this new procedure may be the an. leave toyota our girl, "real housewife of new york city" to test it out. >> i'm 53, it's a little tougher. >> diamonds aren't a girl's best friend. >> i had to focus on doing a ton of core work, taking out cashes, drinking a lot of water. it's starting, off to the races. >> half hour treat tweemts twice a week each week. >> 30 minutes of your life and you're doing 20,000 sit ups in one session. they told me they see a huge change after four treatments. i'm going to do the buttocks
7:44 pm
next. >> it's called in-scope. one session cost $1 thou thousand dollars. -- $1,000. >> its eliminated from the body every several months. >> there are other selects th celebrities that use the device. there's no down time. >> i agree, really tight. >> watch out world, here we come. up next. >> i hate to see a comic lose a job. >> why jerry sieinfeld defendin roseanne. >> i didn't see a reason to fire her. which rock 'n' roll offspring starred in her
7:45 pm
father's music video? the an before i had the shooting, burning, pins and needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... ... made waves in high school... ... had a ball being a dad... ...and built a career in construction. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love building memories that can't be washed away.
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stiff muscles, and confusion to address a possible life-threatening condition or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. rexulti has been shown to increase blood sugar in some people. other risks are increased cholesterol; weight gain; unusual urges or compulsive behaviors; ...decreased white blood cells, which can be serious; dizziness on standing; seizures; trouble swallowing; and impaired judgment or motor skills. it was time to change the picture. that's why i talked to my doctor about adding rexulti. feel better about facing the world. pay $0 for your first prescription. details at aha moment for me personally. >> you're not rey going to be aha moment, are you? >> real talk from jerry seinfeld. he weighed in on fellow comedian
7:48 pm
reside ann barr. >> i didn't see why it was necessary to fire her. i never saw somebody in their career with one button pushed. >> jerry say she should be replaced. >> i think they should get another roseanne. why can't we get another roseanne, there's a lot of funny women that can do that part. i hate to see a economic lose a job. >> jerry's all about supporting fellow comics. >> that car just blew up. >> see, i told you, you shouldn't leave the keys in the car. >> i don't have them, i swear. >> teach you a lesson, and you should always -- i could have let that go longer. >> i was in a coma for 10 days.
7:49 pm
>> it was not the last 10 days. i love hanging out with comedians and doing nothing, which is my entire life. >> they say, what's your show about. i say nothing. there you go. i think you may have something here. >> just expect the reboot of jerry's other show about nothing. "seinfeld." >> i don't care what people do, it's not my thing. what about other favorite tv stars? these celebrities are ready for reboot. >> why not launch the setting in the white house? >> i'd always be up for anything. i loved every one of those actors i got to work with for seven years. >> martin sheen served two terms as president bartlett. >> it's still very powerful as it is.
7:50 pm
i think point. >> another possible reboot "mad about you. "/*" -- depending on some pieces falling into place it could happen. >> we may or we may not, i don't know. should we? >> absolutely. ♪ >> before she was a nerd on the "big bang theory" maya was a teen being raised by a single dad on "blossom." should the show bloom again if. >> everything '90s coming back. >> it wouldn't be "blossom" as jodey lauren returning as her brother. >> if you fand the right way to do it i'm open to it. >> why not return for a revival of "andy dwyer". >> it'll be so fun. that'll be great. i know everybody involved would be eager and dying to get back
7:51 pm
together. hey, give me a call, they know my number. >> "the nanny" was a huge thing. fran drescher was thinking something could be coming back. >> i'm not at liberty to announce it yet, but it's going to be big. >> and queen laty fa says a rebirth of her single about gal pals in brooklyn are in the works. >> you always want what you can't have. it's going to happen. it's a little time but we will give the people what they want. >> let's switch gears to the passing of the man who launched a musical dynasty, joe jackson. he was a poll rising figure as well. he will be the first to tell you everything he did, he did for
7:52 pm
>> she was the pate patriarch who drove his children to success. ♪ >> i was raised on stage. i was happy on stage, when i'm off it's another story. >> daughter janet honored her dad last weekend. >> my incredible father drove me to be the best i can. >> joe was a great promoter. >> anything is possible for the jackson. >> and along with liz wife catherine, he was the jackson family's greatest defender. >> people say anything you know. >> we're still together as a family. >> the couple had nine children and were estranged and lived apart and never divorced. michael became the family's superstar and joe spoke heavy after michael's death in twin20 >> i wish everyone to remember him as the biggest entertainer
7:53 pm
that ever lived which he was. >> but joe admitted to oprah he beat michael and his siblings. >> do you regret those strappings on your children? >> no i don't. >> you don't regret? >> no, it kept them out of jail, raised them right. it's six kids. >> i sometimes don't think he gets the credit he deserves. i'm so thankful for him and what he did for our family. >> and, we have learned joe's son randy jackson will be handling all the arrangisms for the funeral like he did with mi
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
a few stars with bards this weekend. michael felp, 33. pamela anderson, 51. which rock 'n' roll offspring starred in her father's music video? brooke tyler who is 41. monday. >> all women deserve to feel beauty. >> rihanna's beauty tips revealed. >> then from kelly to chloe.
7:57 pm
>> identify been craving these work outs. can you bereave we appellate on a tv show. >> bachelor's success story. >> monday on "e.t.." we are almost out of time, but for all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website on >> before we go, check out ariana grande's video, "no tears to cry". >> you enjoy it and enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody. >> don't cry, no more tears. by. ♪ ♪
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♪ we have been receiving
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pictures from you showing all the smoke and ash in the air all across the bay area. the seemingly yellow cloud over numerous cities to ash on cars in the east bay, north bay, peninsula, and san
8:00 pm
francisco. good evening and thank you for joining us at 8 i'm jr stone. justine waldman has the night off. we have team coverage as we are keeping an eye on the air quality surrounding your home and the latest on the fire in yolo and napa counties. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is keeping an eye on the direction of the winds... ella sogomonian and gale ong have been all over the bay area and will show how the fire is impacting us here in the bay area. but first we want to send things over to michelle kingston for an update on the fire which is causing this mess. michelle... the county fire quadrupled in size and is now burning more than 20-thousand acres.people i spoke with here in guinda say they are prepared to leave if necessary.donna harden (off cam)"flames, a lot of smoke and flames"


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